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So you want to go on a trip….

  • Because you’re a well-seasoned nomad and your purpose in life is to know every nook and cranny in this world; 

  • Or maybe you are a first time independent traveler that can’t wait to get out there for endless travel adventures in faraway places;

  • Or perhaps you prefer organized travel, but also enjoy exploring on your own at times to discover the wonderful sights and interesting cultures. - traveler in front of the departure schedule at the airport
Going on a trip

Whichever type of traveler you are, if you want to know how to travel smarter without breaking the bank then you have come to the right place. is all about inspiring you to go out and find spectacular destinations in South East Asia. Whether it’s the highlights on the banana pancake trail or to explore places in the know. It’s up to you!

I believe that every trip should be approached as “the trip of a lifetime”.
You never know if you get to do it again.

You will probably invest some serious bucks and time into your trip. Unless you’re financially independent, one can only go ever so often so you better make it count. I’m not saying that you should ‘over’ plan your trip, heck no! The best things about travel are definitely the unexpected and the freedom to make last minute decisions.

However, proper planning is wise and that will take some effort from your side. After all, travel is all about fun, but in the end we all want to return home safe right? - boats near a tropical beach at sunset
The trip of a lifetime

Do you know that planning your trip can be a lot of fun too? I bet you do, and I also bet that:

  • you are tired of switching back and forth between different travel sites searching for complete and reliable information.You need accurate and up-to-date travel info so you can create your ultimate itinerary to plan the trip of a lifetime. Let me help you to make it real.

  • you already have a bunch of ideas on what to see and do. You want to experience it all, not only the obvious, but also some unique stuff. I’m here to inspire you.

  • for you, one of the perks of travel is access to delicious food. As an avid foodie you want to go straight for the best food. You neither have the time, nor the patience for the usual trial and error. Well guess what, I already did that for you, big sacrifice.

Travel Advice

I created this travel site based on my 10+ years feet on the ground experience in South East Asia, both as a traveler and an expat. It also has all the knowledge put in by my small but growing network of like-minded travel addicts. All information is bundled into one comprehensive website available to you, for free. So, go ahead, share it!

We already did all the leg work to provide you with complete, accurate and up-to-date information. When I say “complete information” I am of course referring to information about destinations that I have actually visited. I will never write about any destination that wasn’t researched personally by myself.

There were times that I learned the hard way, even stranded and scammed at one point. I am sharing my lessons learned so you can travel smarter, safer and cheaper without the headaches.

Hi, I’m RJ Fisher and I am crazy passionate about travel and food! photo
Yep, that’s me!

I am originally from a small town named Haarlem in the Netherlands. It’s one of the teeny-tiniest countries in the world, so no wonder I yearned for travel. Fortunately it’s very easy to travel from there to other countries. Mind you, the Netherlands is so small that if you travel for 2,5 hours in any direction you will either cross a border or end up in the sea.

During my childhood, mom and dad took us on short vacations within Europe. Every other summer our family of 7 would cramp ourselves in the car and drive for 1500 bum numbing kilometers straight on congested roads to end up in the North of Spain. Pretty much the whole vacation was spent on and around the beaches of our touristy village destination. I loved it!

It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I ventured on more daring trips outside of Europe. My first trip went to Thailand and it blew my mind. The rest is history.

Of course, to travel doesn’t automatically mean that you have to go far, but there’s something about South East Asia. From the very first moment I touched ground I felt right at home. I was hooked! about page - photo

Breaking the chains

Traveling takes time however, a lot of time. It also takes money, it doesn’t have to be a lot, but you need some. It took me until 2010 to take the big leap of faith. I quit my corporate job for a year of travel in South East Asia together with my girlfriend Marjolein and our lives have not been the same since.

This trip eventually lead me to a job in China where we worked and lived for a year. Many trips followed, as well as a 2 year stint in Cambodia and we even lived in the Caribbean for a while where I worked as a food tour guide, best job ever! about page - photo as a food tour guide
Me. as a food tour guide

Was ending my career the hardest thing I ever did?

Nope! Of course it was an exciting moment, but in retrospect it wasn’t hard at all. The hardest thing was leaving my family and friends behind, knowing I would not see them for a long time. It’s something we have learned how to handle since. Every now and then we visit them in the Netherlands and many of them have even joined us on our travels for a few days or weeks. Besides that, we made countless new friends on our travels.

Currently we set up base in Moraira, a small town near Valencia on the Spanish Coast. Should you ever find yourself in the area, then reach out. I’m always up for a beer and sharing stories.

So why this South East Asia travel site?

While on my first full year of travel I gathered so many stories. I did write some of them down, but up to now I never shared them beyond my family and some close friends. As I traveled more there was no holding back anymore. So, here we are!

Furthermore, I realize that I am very privileged to be able to live this traveling life of my choice. Over time many people like you were telling me that they would like to travel more, but there is always something holding you back. Maybe, you ….

  • are unfamiliar with (safe)travel conditions making you apprehensive to travel?

  • have no idea how to start your planning?

  • think that travel is expensive and you don’t have the funds?

Whatever is holding you back, it really shouldn’t. Make it real! Let this travel blog inspire and show you that this is a beautiful world and it’s waiting to be explored by you!

Why not start right now?!

Join our little party and sign up here to get my South East Asia travel inspiration sent straight to you, it’s free!

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