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Where to eat in Ho Chi Minh City – Restaurants 2024

Follow our recommendations for the best Ho Chi Minh City restaurants and the best munching spots in town. Personally tried and tested!

Most exciting things to do in Bohol, the Philippines

A fabulous account of our adventures in Bohol. Here’s our list of “Exciting things to do in Bohol, the Philippines”

From Australia to Phnom Penh

All the transport information you need for travel from Australia to Phnom Penh in Cambodia. How to get there and get around.

Unique Food Puns and Food Captions for Instagram

Let’s have some fun with food puns and captions that you can use for connecting with your instagram followers. Including bonus funny food quotes

Where to eat in Phnom Penh – Best Restaurants 2024 Update

Updated 2024 list of +40 outstanding Phnom Penh restaurants for every budget. Personally tried and tested!

Best Restaurants in Chiang Mai for any budget 2024

Updated 2023 list of outstanding Chiang Mai restaurants for every budget. Personally tried and tested!

Best Chiang Mai Street Food 2024: The Ultimate Guide

The best Chiang Mai street food venues in 2024 and their signature dishes. Personally tried and tested. Including an interactive map.

Cover - Best Thailand Festivals blog post

Best Thailand Festivals in 2024 – Make Your Trip Extra Special

Here are 14 Thailand festivals, from “Songkran” to the “Festival of Lights” that will truly enhance your Thailand trip.

Cover - Travel Jobs blog post

Travel Jobs – How To Enjoy Travel And Make Money

Travel jobs are actually not that hard to come by. You too can make money while you travel. This article will point you in the right direction to get the best travel job.

11 Most wonderful things to do in Kratie, Cambodia – 2024 Update

Kratie in Cambodia is more than spotting the rare and elusive Irrawaddy dolphins. Here are 11 most wonderful things to do in Kratie, Cambodia. Blog Post - Mount Batur

8 reasons NOT to climb Mount Batur + 1 reason why you should

Is climbing Mount Batur really a good idea and worth it? Read this dead honest first hand account of the climb to find your answer. Blog Post - must eats Malaysia

11+1 Must-eat Malaysian Foods

Malaysian food is the best in the world! There I’ve said it, kind of a bold statement isn’t it? Well, it’s just my opinion. Be forewarned though that I intend to use this article to get you over to my side.