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Kirirom – Mountain retreat

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In the know destinations – Cambodia

You have seen the highlights of Cambodia and you are ready for more. Kirirom as a destination might not be as popular as Angkor Wat. It does however, still receive its share of domestic and foreign tourists in the know. Kirirom will take you to the real Cambodia. Not completely off the beaten path, but interesting and exciting yet less crowded and with an adequate tourism infrastructure in place.


Let’s say, you really want to experience some jungle and/or mountain time in Cambodia. Chi Phat or Mondulkiri are not an option, because they are too far out to fit your itinerary. Why not head to Kirirom? It’s only 2 hours from Phnom Penh and can easily be done as a day trip. However, I do recommend to stay for at least one night, because there’s something magical to mornings in the jungle. Bring long sleeves for the chilly evenings, you’re in the mountains.

view over kirirom national park in Cambodia
Kirirom mountain view

Kirirom in the Northeast of the Cardamom mountains has a national park status. In fact it’s the oldest protected park in Cambodia. Despite the protected status there’s still illegal logging and poaching in the area and wildlife has a hard time to survive. For this reason the Chambok Community Eco Tourism (CET) project was started. Chambok is a community of 9 villages and the project aims to provide locals with an income from tourism rather than from logging and poaching.

How to get to Kirirom

From Phnom Penh any bus leaving for Sihanoukville or Koh Kong (National road 4) is good to hop on. You will have to alight te bus at Treng Trayerng village, which is about halfway. Sadly, bus companies will charge you the price of the full route. Tickets to Sihanoukville are cheapest starting at $7 and normally the trip to Treng Trayerng from Phnom Penh should take about 2 hours. In Treng Trayerng at the intersection of road 4 and 46, charter a moto taxi ($7) for the last bit of your trip. You can choose to either go up the mountain or to the Chambok Eco Tourism center.

For bus/ferry/train schedules and tickets within Cambodia I always use the transport planning tool below from to book online. Especially during high season and public holidays it makes sense to book ahead to secure your seat(s). The tool is incredibly easy to use, just fill out your place of departure, your destination and travel date. It will show the complete schedule and ticket price of all related transport. Make your choice and book instantly.

Things to see/do in Kirirom

National Park

Explore nature and spot wildlife on a mountain trek. Visit the bat cave and the Chambok waterfall. Get your directions from the CET center. Admission to the national park is $5.

Waterfall in Kirirom national park, Cambodia
Waterfall in Kirirom national park

The CET center has a wealth of knowledge about the area and they can set you up for hikes and many other activities. I especially recommend using them for activities within the Chambok community, such as cooking classes and handicraft making. Above all, you are sure to have some wonderful interactions with the local community.

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Where to stay in Kirirom

On the mountain

There are limited resorts on the mountain to choose from and they are unique in their own way.

vKirirom Pine Resort and Kirirom Hillside Resort. Both resorts are fine I guess, and about the same price range.


Alternatively, you can opt for a homestay with the Chambok Eco Tourism Center, which I also highly recommend. You do need to understand though that this is a very basic accommodation with minimal amenities. The good thing is of course that you are right in the middle of the local community with loads of opportunities to interact with the locals.

Chambok Community Homestay The CET has 42 homestays spread over 9 community villages. If you register at the CET they will assign you to a homestay from the rotating system. It’s an incredible experience to see community life up close and to truly interact with the locals. Beware though, prepare yourself for minimum electricity, outhouse squat toilets and very refreshing cold water showers.

Sunrise in Cambodia
Sugar palm sunrise

Where to eat in Kirirom

The resorts are the only restaurants on the mountain. So, if you’re staying there it’s best to also have your meals there. That is, unless you’re ok covering some distance and you really want to try the Kirirom Hill Station restaurant (and you should, because it’s fantastic).

The CET restaurant is also a very good option. The restaurant is run by a rotating roster of 300 community women. Just imagine, 300 Cambodian mamas cooking up the best and most authentic Khmer food you will ever have in your life.

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