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Top 39 best food in South East Asia

Top 39 Best Food in South East Asia

Last Update: September 2020 There’s a whole bunch of reasons that make me keep coming back to South East Asia, but the food is definitely high up in the list. The multitude of flavors, ingredients and cooking techniques in this part of the world is overwhelming. Over the years I tried so many dishes and…
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Kopitiam Malaysia

What is Kopitiam?

Last Update: November 2021 5 min read Check the latest update on visa and covid-19 requirements for travel to Malaysia and Singapore here! Whenever I talk about Malaysia it always comes back to food, I just can’t help myself. Before you know it I’m going on and on about mamak stalls and kopitiams. That’s usually…
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Peranakan cuisine

Peranakan and Nyonya Food

Last Update: September 2020 4 minute read First things first, whenever I mention Peranakan food or Nyonya food, they are actually the same. It’s just two different names for the fusion between Chinese and Malay cuisine and cooking techniques. As a result this passionate love triangle produced some of the best tasting and creative dishes…
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Mount Kinabalu – Borneo’s highest peak Via Ferrata

Last Update: August 2020 4 min read You are neither a mountaineer nor a rock climber. You might be like me and have a slight case of vertigo. On the other hand, you really want to make the most of your trip and add some excitement with an adrenaline pumping activity. In that case the…
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