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Top 39 best food in South East Asia

Top 39 Best Food in South East Asia

Last Update: September 2020 There’s a whole bunch of reasons that make me keep coming back to South East Asia, but the food is definitely high up in the list. The multitude of flavors, ingredients and cooking techniques in this part of the world is overwhelming. Over the years I tried so many dishes and…
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the ultimate vietnam scam

The Ultimate Vietnam Scam and how to avoid it

Last Update: August 2020 8min read Do tourists and travelers in Vietnam get scammed? Oh boy, don’t get me started. Just google “Vietnam Scam”, the number of search results are through the roof. I have to admit that I am a Vietnam addict, I keep going back. Obviously not to get scammed of course. Besides,…
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pu luong

Pu Luong – Vietnam’s best kept secret

Last Update: September 2020 5 minute read Secret Psst, listen up! I will let you in on a secret, but promise me to keep it to yourself! In the North of Vietnam, about 90km Northwest from Ninh Binh and close to the Laos border is a Nature Reserve named “Pu Luong”. You can reach it…
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The truth about Pho

The truth about Phở – from a different angle

Last Update: September 2020 4 minute read The national dish of Vietnam is globalized. Everybody knows Phở, everybody loves Phở. Instagram is flooded with the steaming bowls and a trendy, cool, young crowd consuming it with chopsticks and a Chinese soup spoon. Phở is hot! I won’t deny it, like anyone else I also like…
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9 Vietnam Foods

9 Vietnam food dishes – beyond phở and bánh mì

Last Update: January 2020 I love Vietnamese food! Phở, Bún Chả, Bánh Mì, fresh spring rolls, I love it all! However, there’s more beyond these well known dishes. Wonderful Vietnam food that tourists don’t know about. I’m not just talking exotic foods that Westerners won’t eat. No, I’m talking everyday food that I am sure…
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