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Travel Jobs – How To Enjoy Travel And Make Money

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by RJ Fisher
Last Update: November 2022

Travel jobs are actually not that hard to come by. Obviously, you need some skills, but extensive working experience is not always required. You too can make money while you travel.

In this article I explain the different types of travel jobs and provide you with an extensive list of the best travel jobs around. Also, I provide you with useful links to relevant travel job boards, as well as information about how to obtain a travel job. Get ready to earn an income while traveling the world.

Traveler in front of a mountain landscape
The world is yours

Why do you want a Travel Job?

Well, you will have your own reasons and I can only speak for myself. I want to travel to experience different cultures and expand my view of the world. Firstly, travel jobs allow me to earn an income to fund my travels along the Banana Pancake Trail. Secondly, there’s simply no better way to learn about a culture than by living and working among the locals.

I’m not saying that a travel job will make you a part of the local community. That would require you to permanently move to another country. However, it definitely is the next best thing.

Travel Jobs- Chilling with the local ladies
Blending in with the locals….sort of

Not so long ago I held an expat job as a marketing manager in China. Then, in the Caribbean I worked on a yacht and also as a tour guide, while in Cambodia I had a travel job in hospitality. Currently, as a digital nomad, I run this food and travel blog with some freelance writing on the side.

Mind you, I started my first travel job at the age of 45y. It goes to show that travel jobs are not for young people only. I wonder what my next travel job will be. I’m aiming for airline pilot…

Are you traveling? Check the world’s up to date visa and entry requirements

Main types of Travel Jobs

First, you should know that travel jobs come in different types. Down here, we list the main types of travel jobs:

  • Expat Jobs
  • Digital Nomad Jobs
  • Seasonal Travel Jobs
  • Jobs that require Travel

What is an Expat?

Expats are people that work and live in another country then where they have their citizenship. Usually it involves a longer term position (>1 year) and you could be working for a local employer or your domestic employer sends you for a position abroad.

The latter situation is a relatively safe travel job, since you don’t have to quit your existing domestic employment and thus retain all the perks. Also, your employer will normally help you with the administrative residency stuff and renting a home. Moreover, he can serve as a safety net if your expat job doesn’t work out. The biggest advantage is of course the fact that you still have a job to come back to upon your return.

Wall Street
Wall Street is a typical expat job environment

The question is whether the term travel job really applies to an expat job. If the position is stationary, then you’re abroad alright, but you’re not really traveling while working. On the other hand, if your assignment takes you to multiple areas or countries, then yes the term travel job is spot on. Or maybe it’s just semantics.

Examples of typical expat jobs include: NGO worker and English Teacher. Check our complete list of Travel Jobs below for more examples of expat jobs

What is a Digital Nomad?

Digital Nomads are people that work online while traveling. Their place of work can be anywhere in the world since their physical presence in the workplace is not required. They can travel freely between locations of their own choice. As long as there is a solid internet connection available, they are ready to work. Furthermore, they can either be online business owners, freelancers or wage laborers that work remote.

Digital nomad lifestyle
Digital nomad lifestyle

Examples of digital nomad jobs include: Blogger/Vlogger, Graphic Designer and Online Translator. Check the complete list Travel Jobs below for more examples of digital nomad jobs.

What is a Seasonal Travel Job?

Seasonal travel jobs usually don’t require a degree and are of a temporary nature. The majority of this type of work is related to tourism and therefore seasonal. Hence, these travel jobs are perfect for backpackers as they often come with accommodation included.

Examples of seasonal travel jobs include: Hospitality Staff and Yoga Teacher. Check the complete list of Travel Jobs below for more examples of seasonal travel jobs.

Travel jobs - Seasonal travel job as a yoga instructor
Yoga Instructor as a seasonal travel job
Travel jobs - Tour Guide
Or work while traveling as a tour guide

What is a Job that requires Travel?

This type of travel job in itself has a traveling nature, meaning that travel is an essential part of the work for this travel job. Imagine, you actually get paid to travel.

Examples of typical jobs that require travel include: Yacht Crew and Tour Guide. Check the complete list of Travel Jobs below for more examples of jobs that require travel.

Other Travel Jobs

Additionally, there are travel jobs that can not be categorized in the 4 main types of travel jobs as described above.

Examples of other travel jobs include: Street Musician/Performer, Traveling Massage Therapist, Arts and Crafts Seller.

Travel Jobs - Street Musician
Travel Jobs - Traveling Massage Therapist
Travel Jobs - Arts & Crafts Seller

Travel Jobs – Complete List

Expat Jobs List

NGO Worker

NGO’s have a constant need for “feet on the ground” workers to improve the local situation. Travel jobs with NGO’s are no picnic even if they are often found in what we see as holiday countries. Particularly, you need to be mentally strong, since you’re bound to be confronted with stressful and difficult circumstances. You won’t get rich from this travel job, the real reward is in your effort to make a difference.

Resources: how to work for an NGO overseas l Idealist l Peace Corps l NGO job board

Au Pair/Nanny

For this job you get to travel abroad, earn a small income, enjoy free accommodation and food. Living in with the locals will do wonders for learning the language and culture of your guest country. Of course you work in exchange, but if you like children it won’t be the hardest travel job in this list.

Resources: find your host family l goabroad nanny jobs l gooverseas au-pair l aupairworld

Travel Jobs - Au Pair
Au Pair
Travel jobs -English Teacher
English Teacher

English Teacher

Are you a native English speaker or do you speak/write English flawlessly? Then you’re in luck, since English teachers are in high demand all over the world. It helps if you are TEFL certified. However, in some regions, i.e. Southeast Asia, demand so high, making it relatively easy to land this travel job without a certification.

Resources: TEFL jobs l teach English without TEFL l gooverseas teaching jobs

Foreign Service Job

Life as a diplomat has its privileges, I often wondered how this would be. To this day all I can do is guess. It’s the kind of position that is relatively hard to come by. Requirements are pretty strict, but once you’re in, you’re in.

Resources: US fs officer l fs careers l UK fs recruitment

Customer Service Agent

This travel job that has been around for quite a while. To save on salary costs, many companies set up their customer service call centers in 2nd world countries. If you speak the language of their targeted countries and willing to accept a 2nd world wages, you have a good chance to get hired.

Resources: CS agent abroad l International CS jobs l Remote CS jobs

Tour Operator

Organize trips to/at the destination that you know and love so well. Either as an inbound tour operator (ITO) or as a host taking care of holiday makers on site. Knowledge of the local language is a plus, not a must.

Organize trips to/at the destination that you know and love so well. Either as an inbound tour operator (ITO) or as a host taking care of holiday makers on site. Knowledge of the local language is a plus, not a must.

More resources: ITO manual

Digital Nomad Jobs Lists


Being an Influencer is a travel job that isn’t for everyone, as it requires you to build a large following, which takes time. If we knew the secret to that we would all do it. Influencers promote products and services to their followers in exchange for financial compensation.

Resources: influencer marketing campaign l tactics to become an influencer


You can make money while on the road from blogging and/or vlogging about your travels. Actually, you don’t even have to blog/vlog about travel. Any subject that does not require you to stay at home goes. The remote work thing is covered with a laptop and a stable internet connection.

More resources: blogger job description l make money from blogging

Graphic Designer

Use your graphic design skills to find remote work while you relax poolside. Your only concern will be the glare of the sun on your laptop screen. Top designers can charge exorbitant rates. However, there is a high demand for us lesser gods as well through several freelancer platforms.

Resources: how to become a graphic designer l freelancer l dribbble

Content Writer

Can you write? Then think about writing for publishers. Producing a constant stream of written words that make sense and are appealing to the greater public isn’t actually that easy.  If you’re talented then this is an excellent way to fund your travels. This travel job can easily be done remote and on the go with lots of travel freedom.

Resources: upwork l freelancewriting l fiverr

Upwork logo
Upwork – The World’s Work Marketplace
Fiverr logo
Fiverr – Freelance Services Marketplace

Software Engineer /Programmer

Software specialists have the world. They are today’s most sought after professionals. There’s enormous potential to make money with this kind of travel job.

Resources: fiverr l remotehub jobs l upwork

Online Translator

If you master a second language you will have no problem finding online freelance work as a translator. There are many platforms on the internet mediating between freelancers and clients.

Resources: upwork l flexjobs


Set up your online shop and make use of Amazon’s (or another third party) distribution infrastructure. You can do all of this from behind your laptop while traveling from one exotic location to another.

Travel Jobs - Dropshipping Infographic
Dropshipping with Amazon

Resources: what is dropshipping? l dropshipping with shopify

Digital Marketer

Conduct email campaigns, branding, social media marketing, etc. All perfectly do-able from a terazza in Tuscany or a beach lounger on the Copacabana. You do need to know your business though, as this travel job is only for professionals with great networking skills.

Resources: upwork l european jobs digital marketing

Website Designer

In the land of the blind, one-eye is King. A great saying that holds truth with regards to developing websites. The masses need websites, but lack the time or knowledge to make their own. If you are savvy on the technical part behind websites, you might have found a great way to make serious money while traveling.

Travel Jobs - Website Designer
Make money while traveling

Resources: fiverr l upwork l dribbble remote website designer jobs

Online Teacher

Online teachers are also in high demand, especially English teachers for kids tutoring. You can teach through Skype, Zoom or even Whatsapp, the possibilities are endless. A TEFL certification will help, but is not always necessary for an online English teacher job.

Resources: teach English online without TEFL l Online English classes for kids

Virtual Assistant

Handle all kinds of remote tasks for your clients. There’s no limit to what a virtual assistant can do in today’s digitized environment. There are companies offering virtual assistant services where you can work. Alternatively, you can set up your own agency and work for yourself while enjoying endless travel.

Travel Jobs - Virtual Assistant
Work remote from anywhere

Resources: upwork l flexjobs

Remote Workers

The demand for professionals that work remote is ever growing. Data collection, research, sales, administrative assistance, customer service, etc. You can do this travel job as a freelancer, but industries are more and more willing to hire workers as well. Freedom, as well as security.

Resources: flexjobs remotel justremote l we work remotely

Seasonal Travel Jobs List


If you can bar-tend at home, you can bar-tend abroad. The more languages you speak the better, but in tourist areas it doesn’t always matter. Finding a travel job as a bartender is as easy as walking into a bar and asking them if they need anyone.

Resources: traveling bartender l international bartender course l helpx l workaway l helpstay

Ski instructor

When traveling you will find that there are many opportunities for instructors of any kind. Teaching something that you’re good at has serious potential to land you a travel job. Ski instructor for instance would make a great seasonal travel job.

Resources: ski instructor essential skills l ski/snowboard instructor jobs

Travel Jobs - Ski Instructor
Make money while doing what you love
Travel Jobs - Dive Instructor
Having fun and getting paid for it

Dive Instructor

Another example of making money while you travel by teaching others to do something that you love. Diving schools in popular holiday places are always looking for dive instructors to help out in peak season.

Resources: how to become a diving instructor l divezone jobs

Yoga Teacher

What about teaching yoga? If you’re an avid yoga practitioner with some experience, why not put it to good use. Earn some money abroad by offering yoga classes. Work for a yoga school as a freelancer by making a deal with a local gym/resort to give lessons. Or work for yourself as an entrepreneur. Use local Facebook groups to set up a daily/weekly yoga class on the beach. I have seen this work quite well several times now.

Resources: yoga teacher certificates l yogatrade

Surf Instructor

The same goes for a travel job as a surf instructor. Sometimes it’s as easy as putting up a sign next to your chair and boards on the beach to attract clients.

Travel Jobs - Surfing Instructor
Come on already, this is your job?

Resources: ISA coaching l why become a surf instructor

Hospitality Staff

Particularly in tourist areas there is always a demand for hospitality workers, whether is service staff, kitchen staff, hotel staff or even dish washers. If you’re prepared to knock on doors you’re sure to find a travel job to make some extra money.

Resources: working holiday visa l goabroad

Hostel Worker

Hostels typically offer many jobs for travel workers. Work in the front office, housekeeping or the bar in exchange for room and board. Sometimes they also offer paid positions for long(er) term travel workers.

Resources: workaway l worldpackers l hostel jobs l helpstay l helpx

(Organic) Farm Worker

Live life in a more agreeable countryside pace while helping out on a (organic) farm. Free room and board to start with, and maybe even a small wage if your expertise adds real value to the project. Think hydro-phonics, biology, geology, business financials, structural engineering, etc.

Resources: workaway l wwoof l helpx

Jobs that require Travel List

Airline Pilot

I know that this is a travel job that is hard to come by. You need extensive and expensive training to become a pilot. It is the holy grail of travel jobs though, so it deserves its rightful mention in this list.

Resources: how to become an airline pilot

Travel Jobs - Airline Pilot and Flight Attendant
The best travel jobs

Flight Attendant

The perks for a job as a flight attendant are obvious. You get to travel to the most exiting destinations while working. An nice income, discounts on flights and hotels are bonus. You’ll work long hours and endure being jet-lagged all the time, but it seems to me that this is the perfect travel job for the young and free.

Resources: airlinecareer l flightattendantlife l indeed flight attendant jobs

Cruise Ship Worker

Visiting other countries, accommodation and food included. Doesn’t sound bad does it? You’ll have to work hard though, sometimes double shifts, but there’s great reward. Cruise lines always need a whole variety of different staff from sailors to administrators, so there’s always a job in your expertise.

Resources: cruisejobfinder l allcruisejobs l indeed cruise jobs

Travel Jobs - Cruise ship Worker
See exotic destinations
Travel Jobs - Yacht Crew
Some days I couldn’t feel my arms anymore

Yacht Crew

See exotic places while getting paid to travel with free accommodation and free food. Man, what a travel job this is. Experience is not always required for the positions such as deckhand and stewardess. Work hard, play hard.

Resources: yacrew job board l bluewateryachting jobs

Tour Guide

Becoming a tour guide is a great way to earn a nice income while traveling. Show other travelers around in your favorite area, or travel with them from destination to destination. A good command of English and the local language is essential.

Resources: guruwalk l start a tour guide business l transitionsabroad

Festival/Exhibition Worker

Landing a travel job at a festival or exhibition requires preparation in advance. Where are the festivals, who are the organizers, what is my way in, etc? The good thing is that they will have a large variety of different positions to fill. In addition, connecting with traveling festivals might be a good idea if you want to cover your transport and accommodation.

Resources: hotboxevents l festivaljobsindeed l how to work at a music festival


Sell your images to publishers or stock photography sites. Get hired for marketing campaigns. Sell online tutorials on photography. There are many ways to make money while traveling as a photographer. You need a good network though. Also and of course, it’s not unimportant to be a talented photographer with the right equipment. This travel job might not be for everyone, but if you’re willing to learn, check out these links.

Resources: how to sell stock photos l upwork

Are you Ready to Enjoy Travel and Make Money?

As you can see from my list of travel jobs above, there are loads of opportunities to enjoy a work and travel lifestyle. I am not saying that it’s always easy to find the exact travel job you want. Some travel jobs require specific expertise just like any other job. Still, the fact remains, with the right mindset you too can make money while traveling if you are willing to put in the effort.

Travel jobs -  Tour Guide in the Caribbean
Definitely one of my best travel jobs as a Food Tour Guide in the Caribbean

Are there any other ideal travel jobs that you can think of? Or maybe you know of a really good way to obtain a travel job? Let us know in the comments, we would really like to hear from you.

Safe Travels!


*affiliate disclaimer

Travel Jobs FAQ

What is the best travel job?

Digital Nomad jobs are definitely the best travel jobs. Jobs like these allow you to travel to multiple destinations of your choice while working remote and in your own time. All you need is a stable internet connection and a laptop. For some of these jobs the financial compensation has no limit.
Examples of high paid Digital Nomad jobs include:
1. Influencer
2. Blogger/Vlogger
3. Drop-shipper
4. Software Engineer
5. Digital Marketer

How to get a travel job?

1. Knocking on doors is the way to go for hospitality jobs or English teaching jobs if your already on location.
2. There are many job boards that are specialized in travel jobs, google is your friend.
3. Entrepreneurs can market their skills as a surfing/diving/yoga instructor through local facebook groups.
4. Digital Nomads can apply for assignments by using platforms like upwork and fiverr.

Is it easy to get a travel job while traveling?

It depends. Similar to “normal” jobs, education and experience are a factor for certain travel jobs as well. On the other hand, if you are willing to do relatively simple work and lower your salary expectations, you might find it easy to find work in hospitality. It definitely works in your favor if you are already on location.
Furthermore, entrepreneurs can of course always start their own (online) business and work as a digital nomad. Likewise, freelancers can use platforms like upwork and fiverr for paid assignments. It’s the best way to make money while traveling.

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