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Where to eat in Siem Reap – Restaurants 2024 Update

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By: RJ Fisher 
Last update: January 2024

Where to eat in Siem Reap? That’s the question. In order to answer the right way, let me warn you first. This isn’t a short article, but hey, it’s not just a simple list of Siem Reap restaurants. Instead, it tells you exactly what to expect so you can make the right choice(s). Investing a few minutes to read this article will save you hours of searching and loads of disappointment.

*at the end of this article you will find a map to easily navigate your way to all Siem Reap restaurants.

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Siem Reap is a tourist town, there’s no denying. Nearby Angkor Wat draws travelers by the millions from every corner of the world. Most travelers stay in or around Siem Reap and especially the center of town can be crowded with tourists at times.

However, there is a good side to this. The town has adapted nicely to this influx of visitors and over time created an adequate tourism infrastructure. Moreover, there is an abundance of Siem Reap eateries and restaurants! and that my dears, is right up my alley. So, on our visit here I just couldn’t wait to dig in and find out where to eat in Siem Reap.

Cambodian Chef - Where to eat in Siem Reap
Let’s eat

Update January 2024: Sadly, many Siem Reap restaurants were forced to close their doors due to the pandemic, some temporary, some permanent. We updated this article to reflect the latest situation and we will keep doing so with any further information that reaches us.

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Siem Reap Food Scene

Most Siem Reap restaurants are located in the center of town with the largest concentration on and around the infamous Pub Street. However, don’t underestimate the quality and quantity of eateries in the neighboring quarters and the outskirts of town. That would really be selling yourself short.

Tourist Hub

Being a tourist hub, there is something for everyone in the food section. It’s a pity though that some of the Siem Reap restaurants tone down the local flavors to suit the (alleged) Western palate. At the same time, Western food is often prepared by Cambodian chefs. Not all of them have truly mastered Western cuisine yet and their dishes are not always up to par.

Where to eat in Siem Reap - Pub Street
Restaurant galore in Pub Street

Having said that, the large expat community that calls Siem Reap home won’t settle for mediocre tourist food. For this reason, several restaurants in Siem Reap serving Western cuisine have stepped up their game lately, offering a high standard to draw in the expats. You too can enjoy the delicious and quality meals of these establishments. The only trick is knowing where to find them.

Likewise, Cambodians from all over the country flock to Siem Reap hoping to improve their disposition by seeking employment in the tourism branch. Their arrival has instigated a wide array of authentic Cambodian eateries with a variety that is right up there with the capital Phnom Penh.

To say that Siem Reap is a foodie heaven would be stretching it. However, there’s great culinary reward if you are willing to put some effort into finding the right spots. Or, you can simply follow my recommendations below on where to eat in Siem Reap.

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Cambodian Restaurants – Where to eat in Siem Reap

Cambodian Restaurants

The Sugar Palm

Outstanding Cambodian restaurant that made quite a name for itself. They claim to serve Cambodian home-style comfort food, but of course the menu is also made up of the usual popular suspects like Fish Amok and Beef Lok Lak. However, the dishes are all clean and of high quality. Whenever in Siem Reap, the Sugar Palm restaurant is a must visit. Personally, I go for the Prahok Ktiss every time. Ask them to not tone down on the chilies.

Prices are a bit higher than the usual Cambodian restaurant in Siem Reap and have gone up even more since Gordon Ramsey visited and endorsed the restaurant. Nevertheless, the price level is still very acceptable for a restaurant of this standard. Starter ~$4.50, Main ~$8.

Where to eat in Siem Reap - The Sugar Palm restaurant
Crispy spring rolls
Where to eat in Siem Reap - The Sugar Palm restaurant
The Sugar Palm Restaurant

Malis Siem Reap

The sister restaurant of renowned Malis in Phnom Penh. For Cambodian standards the menu sure is pricey, but the quality of the food and service are undisputed. Enjoy a night of dining out in the lovely garden setting without ever having to leave the city center.

Local dishes are prepared without compromise to traditional recipes and local flavors. I specifically recommend the roasted duck with lemongrass, succulent and delicate. Also, you should really try Malis for breakfast. They serve all the traditional and delicious Khmer breakfasts like Bai Sach Chrouk, Kuy Teav, Lort Char and more. Definitely one of the must try restaurants in Siem Reap. Starter ~$11, Main ~$25.

Where to eat in Siem Reap - Malis restaurant
Kampot Crab Fried Rice at Malis Restaurant

Mahob Khmer Cuisine

Now here’s some traditional Cambodian cooking with a modern twist while still preserving the authentic flavors. The freshness of used ingredients is evident in every bite and the presentation is impeccable. Our visit to Mahob turned out to be a real treat to our eyes and taste buds. Located outside of town in a beautiful wooden house with a large garden and led by a revered Cambodian chef.

Considering the offered quality compared to other Siem Reap restaurants, prices at Mahob are more than reasonable. I went for the surf & turf, which was the most expensive dish from the menu at $15. The juiciest tenderloin and snakehead fish filet on pumpkin mash that still haunts me in my dreams.

Mahob Restaurant
Mahob Garden Setting
Mahob surf & turf dish
Mahob Surf & Turf

Banteay Srey Restaurant

Where do the Cambodians go for a nice lunch with the family? This is the place! Located outside of the town center, but definitely worth the 5 min tuk-tuk drive. Banteay Srey restaurant (Khmer: ភោជនីយដ្ឋាន បន្ទាយស្រី) serves local food, home made style. Original Khmer, so not all dishes are necessarily accessible to the Western palate. However, it’s the real thing and a wonderful journey to discover new flavors in a clean and pleasurable setting.

Just because it’s local, it doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Portions are huge though and meant to be shared with the rest of the table. They also provide you with a choice of small/medium/large dishes. The restaurant closes at 6pm so it’s really only meant for breakfast or lunch. But, what a lunch!

Update January 2024: Opening hours are now extended from 6:30am to 9pm.

Banteay Srey restaurant in Siem Reap
Eat “family style” at Banteay Srey restaurant in Siem Reap

Cambodian Eateries

Ptes Kbeung – Grill house Siem Reap

When in Cambodia you have to try Khmer BBQ. The Khmer call it “Phnom Pleung” (Hill of Fire). It’s kind of a mix between a table grill and a steamboat and a lot of fun. You will find these kind of BBQ restaurants in Siem Reap literally everywhere, but I believe to have found you the best one in town.

In the case of Ptes Kbeung the “hill of fire” is a roof tile on a charcoal fire pot. Such a cozy way to have dinner, since you are actually cooking at the table together with friends or family. This restaurant stands out, because of the extensive choice and freshness of ingredients. Atmosphere, friendly pricing and excellent service are bonus.

Where to eat in Siem Reap - Ptes Kbeung Grillhouse
Cooking on a roof tile at Ptes Kbeung, a grill house restaurant in Siem Reap

It’s popular with the locals, so you’ll be rubbing shoulders with them, especially on weekends. Don’t worry, they also have regular Western clientele so no-one will think you’re out of place. There’s no English menu, but the staff was super helpful and communication went just fine with hands and feet.

Prices range from $5 to $6 for all you can eat, a bit more if you opt for special meal sets containing exotic meats or seafood. Make your choice from the well assorted raw food selection, cook it at your table and keep coming back for more.

Phteah Khun Mea

As local as it gets concerning Siem Reap restaurants (and local prices as well). Food sharing is how Khmer have their dinners and at Phteah Khun Mea it’s expected that you do the same. The fried and the barbecued fish are truly outstanding and unlike anything you will get in the tourist restaurants.

There’s a lively atmosphere with locals just having a good time, which always involves food. Oh and beers, lot’s of local beers. Did you know that Cambodians like to drink their beer with large chunks of ice in it? Personally, I can’t stand it, but had a great and delicious time there anyway.

Update November 2023: Bummer, we just received word from one of our readers that Pteah Khun Mea is no longer operational. We don’t know the reason and whether another restaurant will open at its location. We’ll try to find you a good alternative on our next visit to Siem Reap.

Fried fish from Pteah Khun Mea restaurant in Siem Reap
Speciality of Phteah Khun Mea restaurant
Restaurant Pteah Khun Mea in Siem Reap
Ptheah Khun Mea restaurant in Siem Reap

Traditional Khmer Food Restaurant

Let’s say, you have booked your accommodation close to Pub Street in the city center and you can’t be bothered to go out of your way for decent Cambodian food. The solution is “Traditional Khmer Food Restaurant“! What’s in a name. Maybe it’s not 100% traditional as this restaurant caters mainly to tourists. It’s close enough though and very tasty anyway. The restaurant is tucked away in a small alley between streets 08 and 09 and has a nice ambiance with friendly staff and friendly prices. So, why not?

Fun fact: There’s another restaurant in Siem Reap that goes by the name “Authentic Khmer Food Restaurant”. In fact, it’s just one block away. It’s not nearly half as good as the restaurant we recommend though, so make sure you pick the right one.

Where to eat in Siem Reap - Traditional Khmer Food Restaurant
Traditional Khmer Food Restaurant in Siem Reap

Street #9 Siem Reap Restaurants

The stretch on Street #9, just above the old market is lined with cheap Khmer eateries serving tasty food and beer. They cater to tourists, so expect the flavors to be toned down a bit, but still delicious. I really love these kind of places for a quick meal. Don’t expect a night out, usually you’ll be done eating and out of there in 45 min max. Maybe these kind of eateries are best for lunch.

Cambodian Street Food

You know what? Is “where to eat in Siem Reap” even a legitimate question? I mean, look around, street food in Siem Reap is everywhere. It seems to me however that food hygiene in Cambodia is a notch down from Thailand and Vietnam. So, while most street food is outstanding and delicious, use your common sense. Yes, by all means, do eat on the streets of Siem Reap, but stay alert and use your eyes. Is the vendor using gloves? Is the food heated at high enough temperatures? Are the raw and cooked food stations separated?

Street Food Stalls

Starting from about 5 pm, numerous food stalls are set up on and around Pub Street. Most of them target the tourists and offer snacks like anything barbecued on a stick or nutella/banana pancakes and even fried tarantula.

Where to eat in Siem Reap - Street Food
Street stall barbecue

Old Market

Inside and outside the Old Market (Phsar Chas) are a great number of food stalls that are popular with the locals for breakfast. You should arrive before 8am to experience the couleur locale in full fledge. Eat shoulder to shoulder with the Cambodians and feast on popular breakfast dishes like Bai Sach Chrouk (pork over rice) and Nom Banh Chok (rice noodles in fish broth). Costs are next to nothing.

Night Market(s)

Street food galore at Siem Reap’s multiple night markets with the most prominent one on and around Pub street, as well as in front of the old market (Pokambor Street) after dark.

Food Tour

Food tours are great! There’s so much to learn about a country’s culture through the food and it’s a great way to explore the local culinary scene. Moreover, food tours are fun, informative and you’ll get to try delicious food. Need I say more?

Where to eat in Siem Reap - Siem Reap Food Tours
Where to eat in Siem Reap - Siem Reap Food Tours

There are several food tour operators active in Siem Reap, but in my opinion most of them are just meh. I mean, anyone can grab a few grilled meat skewers from the nearest barbecue and present it as local food. Technically they would be right of course, but you catch my drift.

Siem Reap Food Tours is the only operator that offers authentic Khmer flavors with high quality ingredients. They also provide meaningful context about the local food culture, which enhances the whole experience. Not the cheapest, but absolutely the best. You should go with them, or not at all. And no, I am not an affiliate.

On our last visit to Siem Reap we stayed at the Cambana d’Angkor. We decided that this time around we wanted a bit of luxury, but without breaking the bank of course. So happy we found what we were looking for. It really felt as if we stepped into a Cambodian fairy-tale.

You know you want to stay here!

Cambana d’Angkor Suites offers you a luxury stay for a reasonable price. Close to the city center.

International Restaurants – Where to eat in Siem Reap

Most of the international Siem Reap restaurants are in the center of town. Not surprising, as this is where the majority of foreign travelers are staying. There is so much choice here that at first it stressed me out. Where to eat in Siem Reap? Here, there? What if I eat here and it’s disappointing while I could have gone next door? Or in the next street?

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry, because I already did the trial and error for you. No stress for you, just sit down, relax, eat and enjoy.

International Restaurants

Italian Restaurants

Of course there’s the inevitable Italian restaurant in Siem Reap. It seems to me that Italian food represents one of the most popular choices of Western food for tourists in South East Asia. There’s certainly no shortage of the Mediterranean food outlets here.

Where to eat in Siem Reap - Mamma shop Italian Restaurant
Fresh and creative pasta at Mamma shop Italian Restaurant in Siem Reap

My personal favorite is Mamma Shop, food wise (especially the fresh home made pastas), as well as price level, ambiance and the location in boutique street. Pasta and pizza dishes from $7.50 to $9. Long time restaurant Il Forno is ok with excellent pizzas, although a tad more expensive. Special commendations go to Pasta la Vista for the lively atmosphere.

Mexican Restaurants

Viva Mexican Bar & Grill on the corner of 2 Thnou Street and Street 09 is the best Mexican restaurant that Siem Reap has to offer. Maybe not as good as your favorite Mex back home, but still tasty and well worth your buck. $6.50 for a fully loaded beef burrito and draft beers go for $1.

Maybe Later Mexican Bar & Grill is also worth a mention. Just a small place, but with great tacos and burritos.

Burger Restaurants

Next to Italian food, the good old hamburger is popular in Siem Reap as well. I recommend two restaurants in Siem Reap that both serve outstanding burgers that will make you keep coming back for more.

First is “Wat Beast“, what’s in a name? Creative and original burger place that brands its buns. More important of course is that they serve good quality and delicious burgers ($7). The menu doesn’t stop there as they also serve an excellent mac ‘n cheese, great cocktails and craft beer as well.

Where to eat in Siem Reap? At Wat Beast burger restaurant.
Wat Beast burger
Where to eat in Siem Reap? At Wat Beast burger restaurant.
Can you resist Mac & Cheese dressed like this?

And then there’s my favorite burger joint that goes by the name Jungle Burger Sports Bar & Bistro. Succulent burgers, oh boy, what a treat. Fresh bread, fresh toppings, good quality Australian beef patties and a top notch service crew.

They have about 15 different burgers on the menu so you’re prone to serious “choice stress” here. What to think of the mushroom and creamy black pepper sauce burger? I didn’t try it when there and to this day still feel like I missed out. Fortunately the fond memories of the blue cheese bacon burger that I did try makes up for it. Prices range between $7 and $10 and include fries and a free beer.

The menu also features pizza, sub sandwiches, more Western comfort food and pies kiwi style. Apparently the latter are world famous in Cambodia.

Where to eat in Siem Reap - Jungle Burger
Where to eat in Siem Reap - Jungle Burger

By the off chance that you are not satisfied with your Jungle burger, think twice about writing a bad review. Judging from the owner’s replies on Tripadvisor reviews he doesn’t tolerate any criticism, lol.

Peace Cafe Vegetarian Restaurant

I have to admit, I have not actually tried this restaurant myself. However, lot’s of fellow travelers rave about this place and I know that many of you are looking for good vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Siem Reap so I’ll mention it here anyway. The tranquil garden setting will guarantee a relaxing rest once you’re there. The menu offers so much more than the usual (vegetarian) suspects and the price level seems to be moderate as well with $3 to $4 for mains.

The restaurant is located a 5 minute tuk-tuk ride out of the town center. Why not make it a day out and combine your visit with one of the other activities this place organizes like a yoga class or a (vegetarian) cooking class?

Damnak Lounge

Some will go as far as to say that this is the best restaurant in Siem Reap. Well, all I can say is that Damnak Lounge is a force to be reckoned with as the dishes are of the highest quality and certainly creative. The cuisine is definitely French, but with the use of Cambodian ingredients.

This might very well be the most expensive Siem Reap restaurant, so enjoy your wonderful dinner, but bring money, lot’s of money. Having said that, the price level is still nowhere near Western countries. The most expensive five-course menu goes for $65.

Where to eat in Siem Reap - Damnak Lounge
Kampot peppered beef at Damnak Lounge restaurant in Siem Reap

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Being on the the banana pancake trail it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Siem Reap has many trendy cafes and hipster bakeries/coffee shops. Lot’s of yogurt, muesli/granola, super-foods, avocados and vegetarian/vegan friendly options. Of course, most of these eateries also respond to the Eco trend of bio degradable take out wrappings and bamboo straws. Love it!

Sister Srey

Lovely cafe that started out as a social enterprise supporting students to train on the job. The menu boasts many vegan friendly food options and they claim to serve organic dishes that are as chemical free as possible. Prices at Sister Srey are high, but honestly, the food is great and the atmosphere even better. Try the potato hash $5, lentil burger $5.75, avocado toast $5 or the pancakes $4.25 (yes defo the pancakes).

The Little Red Fox

We only had breakfast at this lovely coffee shop, just your normal eggs on toast $3, which was not bad at all. However, we stayed for the coffee, arguably the best in town. Coffee Australian style that is, so double shot long black $2.75 for me! You should visit this place if only for the street in which it is situated with quaint boutiques and local art studios.

Where to eat in Siem Reap - The Little Red Fox
Little Red Fox Cappuccino

Temple Coffee n Bakery

Such a cool place to hang out for breakfast, lunch, dinner and after-dinner. Ok, so maybe I am a little biased as we stayed right next door. Whenever we couldn’t be bothered to think of where to eat in Siem Reap, visiting here was oh so convenient. The atmosphere is great though, with high quality food, even if the menu is somewhat limited. The rooftop bar often hosts a DJ for after dinner lounging.

I so remember this incredible tasty beef noodle soup I had for breakfast. What a rich broth, with noodles cooked to perfection and generous sized chunks of the most tender fall apart beef. Lot’s of freshly baked pastries as well. Not cheap, but quality always comes with a price.

Where to eat in Siem Reap - Temple Coffee n Bakery
Temple Coffee n Bakery interior
Where to eat in Siem Reap - Temple Coffee n Bakery
Temple Coffee n Bakery beef noodle soup

Want to try Khmer cooking yourself? Check out these fun cooking classes in Siem Reap. Learn how to prepare authentic Khmer food and enjoy your very own delicious creations!

Cooking class in Siem Reap

Best of both worlds – Where to eat in Siem Reap

I describe this category as “best of both worlds” since I feel that the qualification “fusion cooking” doesn’t cover this type of restaurants. I use this description to categorize Siem Reap restaurants that feature an international menu next to a Cambodian menu without necessarily combining the dishes in one plate. Actually, this type of restaurants forms the majority of Siem Reap restaurants.

Brother Bong Cafe

Atmospheric little coffeeshop where they roast their own coffee (espresso $1.50, latte $2.50) and serve excellent quality breakfast. $2.50 will get you a fruit salad and for $5.75 they’ll serve you a full English breakfast. As expected, the coffee is really good and besides breakfast the menu also features a few original dishes for a bit later in the day. How about Canadian Poutine $4 and Chicken Parmigiana $5? Two dishes that you won’t easily come across in Cambodia.

I came for the coffee and stayed for the chocolate smoothie bowl packed with fresh fruit $4. This is definitely my brekkie place to go when in Siem Reap.

Brother Bong Cafe in Siem Reap
My favorite chocolate smoothie bowl on the top left

New Leaf Eatery

In the center of town, near Pub Street is this wonderful eatery serving a mix of Khmer and Western dishes. Steak sandwich and burgers next to beef lok lak and fish amok. Definitely a higher standard than the usual restaurants around Pub Street, which are of a good standard to begin with, so that should tell you something. Starters are around $3 and mains around $6 so you’re ok in that department as well. They also serve creative cocktails, several Cambodian coffees and breakfast.

Where to eat in Siem Reap
Fish Amok
Where to eat in siem Reap

The Christa Restaurant & Bar

Three floors of yum Cambodian and Western comfort food with the friendliest crew ever. There’s simply no way to describe the Christa any better. Oh, not forgetting the ok prices. When we were presented with the menu we feared the worst since it isn’t very original and has all the usual suspect tourist dishes. Well, we decided to throw our prejudice out the door and to just go with it. After all, aren’t we just tourists as well?

The joke was absolutely on us, because the food was fresh, clean and simply delicious. We really did enjoy the fish amok $4.25, Khmer curry $4.50 and even a banana pancake $4.50 for dessert. We didn’t try any of the Western dishes, but our neighbors said their burger $6 not only looked good, but tasted even better.

It goes to show that sometimes you don’t need fancy-schmancy to have a delicious meal. Good honest food served by friendly faces will do the trick just as well. Way to go Christa Restaurant!

Where to eat in Siem Reap - The Christa restaurant
Staff working hard to serve your meal at the Christa Restaurant in Siem Reap


Another restaurant in Siem Reap with the purpose to train underprivileged Khmer youngsters and emphasis on sustainable sourcing of ingredients. The staff is so bubbly and welcoming, we enjoyed our night out tremendously. The food is a mix of Western and local, although the latter is slightly adapted to the Western palate. I went for the ginger tofu dish, which was fresh and satisfying while Marjolein ordered the cordon blue. Western plates are not really set up for sharing, but I’m so glad she did as otherwise I would have missed this tender and cheesy deliciousness. Prices are reasonable, starters $4.50-$5, mains up to $8. I do recommend.

Restaurant Haven vegan dish
Restaurant Haven Cordon Blue

Urban Tree Hut

Urban Tree Hut is definitely one of the better Siem Reap restaurants. Both Western and Asian options, executed to perfection by the competent kitchen staff. We mixed our orders with red curry chicken from the East and good old Australian rib eye from down under that paired wonderfully well together.

The restaurant has a wonderful garden setting with special swing chair-tables that makes one really relaxed. Prices are surprisingly low for a restaurant of this level. Starters $1,50 to $6, mains $4 to $12. Maybe also try some of the cocktails, only $2!!!

Where to eat in Siem Reap -Urban Tree Restaurant
Relaxing swing chair at Urban Tree Hut restaurant in Siem Reap


There’s a new star on the Siem Reap culinary horizon and Jomno is his name. Ha, I never thought I would use the word contemporary, but there I go. Yes, Contemporary Cambodian food is how best to describe the cooking style. In their own words, “Modern Khmer Cuisine”.

We treated ourselves to an extravagant beef tenderloin with kampot pepper ($8) and a pan seared red snapper in white wine sauce. One word, wow! For me “Jomno” is the personification of a “best of both worlds Siem Reap restaurant”. Excellent and welcoming staff as a bonus.

Flavors of Jomno restaurant in Siem Reap
Flavors of Jomno restaurant in Siem Reap

You should go and try it out, thank me later. Best to make a reservation on time, the place is but small and they fill up quickly.

Update January 2023: Jomno has now moved to a larger premises not far from its original location.

Embassy Restaurant

Truth be told, I haven’t visited Embassy myself so this recommendation is based on the findings of a friend whose culinary opinion I completely trust. Apparently, the two female Khmer chefs in charge are cooking up a Michelin star worthy gastronomic storm.

The set menu for $45 changes every month and offers, in their own words, “a three-star gastronomic experience, showcasing modern Khmer cuisine and its flavors. Agreed, $45 is pretty steep and that’s not even counting the $29 wine pairing. According to my friend however, the experience is worth every penny, so I for one am eager to try them upon my next visit to Siem Reap.

Fine dining at Embassy-Restaurant in Siem Reapphotocredit

Where to eat in Siem Reap – Map

<click on the image below for an interactive map of the best Siem Reap restaurants and their locations>

Map of "Where to eat in Siem Reap" restaurants by

Update: January 2024

For the record, several Siem Reap restaurants that originally featured in this article, but closed down because of the pandemic include: Vibe Cafe, Hansa BBQ & Seafood, Marum, Burger Gourmand, Touich Restaurant, the Hive. We removed them from this article, but for now left the “Traditional Khmer Food Restaurant“, which is only temporarily closed and is set to re-open anytime soon. We will keep updating this article with any further information that reaches us, so you’ll always know where to eat in Siem Reap.

Healthcare in Cambodia is hopelessly underdeveloped, so make sure to travel with the right travel insurance. One that covers your medical cost abroad, as well as evacuation and repatriation. Read more about travel insurance, or at least get a non-committal and instant quote.

Are there any Siem Reap restaurants in the above list that you want to give a try? Or maybe you have more tips on where to eat in Siem Reap? Let us know in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

Safe Travels!


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