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Cambodia Foods for Insiders that make you Crave

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by         : RJ Fisher
last update: November 2022

Cambodia foods are gaining popularity fast! Why is that? My own little theory says it’s because more travelers visit Cambodia and are therefore exposed to the country’s cuisine. That, plus an increase of Cambodians that emigrate to Western countries and introducing Cambodian foods by opening up Khmer restaurants.

And you know what? Khmer cuisine really has something new and special to offer. Sure, there is Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese influence, but all in all Khmer cuisine has it’s own unique identity.

Maybe you already tried some of the better known Cambodia foods, such as Loc-lac, Fish Amok, Nom Banh Chok and Bai Sach Chrouk. If not, I describe them all and more in my previous post “13 must eat Cambodian foods” . That post is about approachable and available dishes that represent some of the best stuff that Cambodian cuisine has to offer.

Beef Loc Lac dish
Beef Loc Lac
Fish Amok dish
Fish Amok
Nom Banh Chok dish
Nom Banh Chok
Bai Sach Chrouk dish
Bai Sach Chrouk

However, this article is not about the popular dishes. In fact, it’s about the dishes that you won’t normally come across unless you frequent the real local eateries in Cambodia. Delicious nonetheless and definitely worth to look out for on your next visit to Cambodia. So here are 5 Cambodia foods for insiders that make you crave.

Eat like an insider, whoohoo!

1. Kangkeb Baok (Stuffed Frog) – Cambodia Foods

Stuffed Frog - Cambodia foods for insiders that make you crave
Stuffed till they burst

Barbecued frog stuffed with pork is a big thing in Cambodia. Khmer love it and so could you, if you could just overcome your first apprehension. Do yourself a favor and check out the roadside barbecue stalls to spot them. The roasted, stuffed frog bodies are hard to miss. Get adventurous, take a breath and go ahead try one fresh from the grill. I bet you’re sold at first bite. For $1 a frog you can’t go wrong.

The frogs are cleaned, don’t worry entrails removed, then stuffed with minced pork, peanuts, chilies, palm sugar and kroeung. The latter is a paste that normally serves as the base for Khmer curries and contains lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, garlic, galangal and turmeric. The frogs are then roasted over a charcoal fire and the result is a spicy, smoky, tender-chicken-like snack that works extremely well with an ice cold beer.

2. Samlor Korko (Vegetable Soup) – Cambodia Foods

Samlor Korko - Cambodia foods for insiders that make you crave
Healthy green veggie soup

Out of the 5 Cambodia foods listed here, it won’t get any more Cambodian than this. Samlor Korko, aka Samlar Kakou, Samlor Korkor, etc. is a true traditional Khmer dish.

It is said that the former Kings ate this soup with one hundred different vegetables for ingredients. The general public, for lack of royal resources, has always enjoyed their soup with a more modest number of vegetables. Nowadays however, with a growing middle class, protein in the form of any kind of meat is also a regular ingredient.

Ingredients may vary with the adding of in-season vegetables, herbaceous leaves and even fruits. Especially young palm fruit, pumpkin, green papaya, green banana and jack fruit are often used. The core of the soup always consists of kroeung (curry paste), prahok and toasted/pounded rice to thicken the broth.

Samlor Korko is a regular in many of the simple Cambodian eateries. I used to order this all the time in the Phnom Penh “everything for $2 eateries”. A satiating and healthy meal costing next to nothing with complementary iced tea.

3. Kralan (Sticky Rice Yumminess) – Cambodia Foods

Preparing Kralan - Cambodia foods
Making Kralan over a fire
Kralan - Cambodia Foods
Ready to eat

Sticky rice with black eyed peas or beans and coconut milk stuffed in bamboo. Next, cook the bamboo tubes over a charcoal fire and that’s all there is to making Kralan. When cooked, just peel back the bamboo skin and break off a piece of the sticky rice yumminess. Even better if you roll each piece in palm sugar.

Kratie province in the Central East of Cambodia is most renowned for its Kralan production. However, there is another location where it’s more visible. Vendors are cooking their Kralan for the many passers-by on a long stretch of National Road 6 between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

Every morning the air here is thick with smoke from the roasting of the bamboo tubes. They even dubbed the road “Kralan Road”. Some of the vendors try to differentiate by adding mango or banana to the mixture, but there’s nothing like the real thing.

4. Mi Kola (Kola Noodles) – Cambodia Foods

Mee Kola - Cambodia foods
Mi Kola with the full works

Kola people are an ethnic minority in the West of Cambodia that immigrated from Yunnan, China and Shan State in Burma. They brought their culture and traditions and also their food. Nowadays, Mi Kola is a staple in Cambodia.

I’ve had my fair share of noodles in South East Asia and Mi Kola is special in all its simplicity. There are probably more variations to this dish than there are Kola people in Cambodia, but they all share the same basic recipe.

Firstly, rice noodles are stir fried with oyster sauce. Secondly, the noodles are dressed with dried shrimp, crispy vegetables, boiled duck egg wedges, ground peanuts and a mixture of lime, garlic and onion. Pickled green papaya/cucumber serve as a side dish and sometimes even a few cuts of fried pork. Originally Mi Kola was a vegetarian dish, but you know how these things evolve.

Read more: “7 Ingredients that define Khmer cuisine

5. Chaa-Angrong Sachko (Beef and Red Ants) – Cambodia Foods

Beef with Red Tree Ants - Cambodia Foods
Creepy crawly beef

Probably, you know about the Cambodians love for insects. On their plates that is. It’s true, insects of all sizes and appearances are a popular item on the menu. Personally I never felt that insects add anything interesting or surprising. Usually, all kinds of herbs and spices need to mask their somewhat musty taste, so I don’t recommend. With one exception!

Beef with red tree ants is a very popular dish with the locals and it’s an absolute must try. You’ll find that many local restaurants feature this dish and even some restaurants that are targeting foreigners. Thin slices of beef are stir fried with garlic, onion, ginger, lemongrass and chilies. At the last moment a handful of holy basil and red three ants are thrown in.

The ants add a sour, tangy flavor to the beef. That is to say, not sour like lime, lemon or vinegar, it’s unique and really complements the beef. Certainly one of 5 Cambodia foods to try before you die!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about Cambodia foods for insiders that make you crave. Feeling the crave yet? Make it your quest to try out some of these dishes next time you’re in Cambodia. Or, maybe you already have? If so, let us know how you liked it in the comments below. Also, we would love to know if there are any other Khmer insider foods that we should know about. I’m dying to try something new.

Safe travels!,


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